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This is a video of media blasting a log home for this Colorado log home maintenance project. The log home is stripped of old stain. Removing the old stain from the logs is of crucial importance before restaining the log home with a high quality log oil or water based finish from Sashco or Permachink. Walnut shell, corn cob, and crushed glass are the forms of media that Log Home Finishing uses for media blasting logs to strip old finish and UV damage.

Pressure Washing Wood Log Siding

Both media blasting and pressure washing are excellent tools for log home maintenance and wood restoration. We are often asked 'which is better, pressure washing or media blasting logs'? The best way to decide what to do to your logs for your log home maintenance project is to do both, pressure washing and media blasting. Media blasting the log home cabin with walnut shell does a great job of getting the old stain off of the logs and pressure washing after blasting does a great job of getting the old stain out of the wood. Preparing the logs prior to applying new stain is important for the longevity of the stain applied to the logs. A final log preparation step before staining is to sand the logs with an osborne brush or random orbital sander.

Log Home Finishing LLC

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Log Home Finishing is special because we clean and prep your log home wood before applying any product. Whether you are using Sikkens, Permachink, or Sashco stain and chink, the application always says "start with clean wood"! You wouldn't paint your car without washing it first, and we won't stain your logs without a thourough cleaning. Media blasting and pressure washing are both excellent for removal of old stain and finish. Media blasting and pressure washing open the grain of your wood and allow stain to penetrate and protect properly as the manufacturer will advertise. Multiple coats of finish on your log cabin over clean, sound wood are sure to give a lasting finish. Log Home Finishing is proud to offer you our unique log home sealing service!