FAQ Log Home

How much does log home maintenance cost?

Well maintained log homes cost less to maintain. Letting your log home maintenance go for years or purshasing a log home that hasn't been maintained in a long time will be more expensive and may involve log home resoration. Our goal is to get your log home on a maintenance schedule and help you save money in the long run!

To determine the cost of your log home maintenance you may use our log home maintenance cost calculator tool.

Do you give free estimates?

We give free estimates! If your log home cabin is in Fairplay or Breckenridge, Colorado we would be happy to meet with you anytime to discuss your log home maintenance. If you live more than an hour drive from our home location we may request that you send some photos of your log home and we can then provide a bid based on the photos. We may ask you to pay a small consultation fee depending on your location and the level of consultation that your project requires. For example we offer log home thermal imaging and charge $200 for this service to find leaks in your chinking or determine rot and water damage.

What products do you recommend for log home care?

We use a variety of products from Sashco, Sikkens, and Permachink to seal your log home. Log Home Finishing uses Sashco products more than any other such as Sashco Log Jam chinking and Sashco Transformation 'Log and Timber' log stain. Sashco's products are great! Sashco designs and tests their products here in Colorado and they are readily available for application on your log home.

Do you offer log home inspection for realtors and perspective home buyers?

Yes, we do offer log home inspection and analysis of work to be done to maintain log homes prior to purchase or in order to assist realtors in log home inspection and maintenance. Please contact and we will schedule a log home maintenance inspection for your Colorado log home.

Do all log homes require chinking?

Log Home Finishing recommends sealing all log homes. D-log style log homes, sweedish cope log homes, and traditional log homes all need to be properly sealed with log chinking or log home caulking. Sealing your log home keeps the heat in and also protects the logs and finish or stain on the log home cabin.

How often do log homes require maintenance?

Log Homes require interval log maintenance and log inspection. Log Home Finishing begins all log home maintenance with an inspection. A log home inspection by Log Home Finishing will help you determine when it's time to re-coat your log home stain and determine the quality of your log home sealing such as log chinking or caulking. Stain should be re-coated every 3- 5 years on a log home. The goal is to help you maintain your log home before it requires restoration like media blasting and sanding to strip old finish.

Do you repair log railings?

Log Home Finishing offers repair and maintenance of railings on log homes and log home decks. We can repair log railings with Liquid Wood and Wood Epoxy resin or we can rebuild your entire log rail system if needed.